Friday, August 3, 2012

My Top 5 Clean Snacks

I'm a girl on the go. My husband is also busy  and our two year old,as Isaac Newton puts it best, is "an object in motion will tend to stay in motion." It can be hard to stay on top of nourishing ourselves on a regular basis. Between work, trips, activities, taking the dog to the get the picture. I need easy to grab and go munchies to get me from here to there. I've compiled a list of my top 5 go to snacks.

1. Sliced apple and 2 TBS of natural peanut butter- I wash and slice my apple and plop the peanut butter in a small to go cup. No refrigeration required.  Notice I said natural peanut butter. There will be no Jiffy in a jiffy. It has hydrogenated oil!

2. Pre-sliced veggies and hummus- This snack is a little more involved as you need to pre-wash and slice, peel, pack  the veggies and put them in a cooler with an ice pack for the hummus, but it is so worth it! You get a nice balance of fat and protein from the hummus and if you pick high water containing veggies like peppers and cucumbers you'll be satisfied in no time.

3. Smoothie To go- I could not get by without 1 smoothie shake per day. I no longer make a huge shake after my workouts. I just mix my Vita Whey  protein in some water with liquid stevia and drink it, but I love to have mini shake meals in between breakfast and lunch. Try this Cherry Zinger Smoothie and add a scoop of protein if ya like. My favorite shake is peanut butter, with coconut milk, stevia, raw cacao powder, and a banana. Tasty! Recipe to come soon.

4. Roasted Chick Peas and Greens- I love roasted chick peas (recipe here) topped on salad greens with some balsalmic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

5. Protein Bars- I no longer buy, but make my own. Here is my latest recipe for Trail Mix Bars I also like these chocolate coconut bars featured on Oxygen Magazine website.

I am a firm believer that abs are made in the kitchen. Along with workouts like bodyrocking I try to eat 5 to 6 times per day to keep my metabolism going. This keeps me from getting hungry, over eating, and as my metabolism is constantly working my body is constantly burning fat. For snacks always pair a serving of complex carbohydrate with a protein source.

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