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Ugi Ball

I first learned about the Ugi at Home system a year ago through workouts. I purchased the whole system that comes with the ball,workout DVD, and more. It is a great piece of home gym equipment and is portable. The ball comes in several different different colors and poundage. The company provides a great chart to help to pick which Ugi is right for you.  I had a hard time deciding and contacted customer service. They asked about my level of fitness and made a helpful recommendation. I purchased the 12 pound ball in green. It is so cute and and definitely provides a challenging workout. Each workout session on the DVD is 30 minutes and two or more workouts can be combined for a longer workout experience.
The Ugi ball is squishy like a bean bag and has a soft outer leather cover. The exercises that are incorporated in the workouts will increase your strength, balance, and offer cardio conditioning. I was skeptical at first that I could get an effective workout with this one piece of equipment, but 5 minutes into the lower body workout I was huffing and puffing. I find the workouts to be challenging and fun.
I guarantee you will break a sweat using the Ugi ball and it is great for novice and experienced exercisers alike. This is a product I love and recommend. I am an affiliate for this brand, but have not been compensated for this product review.

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