Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cashew Milk

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Early in my grandpa's, or "Pap-Pap" as I call him, career he was a milk man. He worked for Marburger Dairy Farm in western Pennsylvania. My mom has told me stories on how she would go with him Saturday mornings in the milk truck for deliveries. She had to be on the road with her dad by 3:00 am for those deliveries so people could enjoy fresh cold milk with the Saturday morning paper. My mom would sleep in the truck until sunrise and some times they would stop for a doughnut for breakfast. I love stories like that. Eventually my grandpa was promoted to a manager position and then later would move on to work at Armco Steel Mill in Butler,PA. Earlier this year I learned how to make cashew milk from the Spunky Coconut. It is so EASY and yummy.  I use cashew millk for everything I would use cows milk for and I love the taste. The cashew milk will last in the fridge covered for about 5 days if you haven't fininshed it yet:) I store it in my Weck 1 liter juice jars I love how it reminds me of my Pap-Pap.

Cashew Milk

1 cup of raw,unsalted cashew pieces or whole cashews
4 cups of cold filtered water
3-5 drops of liquid stevia ( I use Sweet Leaf)

First you will need to soak the cashews in water in a bowl for eight hours or overnight as I do in the fridge. Add enough water to cover the cashews completely. After soaking strain the cashews and discard the water. Add cashews, water, and stevia to Blendtec blender or blender. I use my Blendtec and process 2-3 times until smooth. I do not know how this will work with a regular blender as I've only used my Blendtec. Pour into pitcher and store in fridge for up to 5 days. If the milk at any time has a sour taste pitch it because it has gone bad.
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