Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"I'm not perfect & neither is my diet." My truth about Finding Balance.

After being dubbed "Bodyrocker babe of the day" last week by BodyRock.tv. I had a huge influx of visitors to my blog. Welcome to you all! I also started tweeting more with some of my new found readers. One gal asked me "@LeanGourmet do you "cheat" once in a while or have you completely lost the desire for non-clean foods?"
I had to chuckle. The thought of losing desire for non-clean foods made me laugh. I eat dark chocolate, I have a cup of homemade raw cacao hot chocolate every night before bed, I LOVE  sweets, and I bake often. Her question made me think " Does this gal think I have to be a perfect eater to be in shape?" I shudder when I  hear the term "perfect eater." There is only one creature that could possibly be considered a perfect eater ( if such a term could even truly exist), a rabbit.  I do not subsist on carrot sticks and celery;show me some meat! I also cringe at the term "cheat" or "cheat day" or "cheat meal" I prefer "treat." Now I am not bashing those who prefer the term "cheat" it's just not me; not anymore.  I am not the same me I was a decade ago as a fresh faced college freshman. Nope. I am way more balanced, have a few gray hairs on my head, and accept myself for who I am.  See I once was caught up in a bad cycle of disordered eating. It went something like this restrict-binge-restrict-binge repeat. Thank the Lord I have a broken gag-reflux (I only puked once when I was pregnant) or who knows what road that would have lead me down. The term cheat or cheat meal brings back bad memories of those unbalanced disordered days. Now I have treats or treat meals as part of my balanced and well rounded diet.  You can read more about how I eat here. If you are struggling with unhealthy eating habits or behaviors and want to learn more about eating in a balanced way check out FindingBalance.com and this page. I also encourage you to check out "Life Inside the Thin Cage" By Constance Rhodes Founder of Finding Balance and talking with a licensed mental health professional. This book is what started my journey to a  living healthy balanced life.


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