Friday, August 17, 2012

Zip Zing Wow Chicken Salad

I hate mayo. Some how I managed to fall in love with chicken salad during pharamacy school having lunch with my good friend,Angie, at a local lunch cafe,Higher Ground. We ate there a few times a week and this place made the best chicken salad made with cream cheese and sour cream. I would eat it in a wrap with mozzerella cheese warmed just till the cheese melted and topped with tomato. Mind you this was before my gluten free clean eating days. I finally came up with a clean and tangy chicken salad that I love and I hope you will too. By the way I've missed you. I haven't blogged the last two days due to working two late nights and a row. I just have this void when I don't blog. Maybe because I just love it so much. Sharing my recipes and thoughts.  Speaking of thoughts, I would love to know what yours are. Leave me a comment on this post, tweet me @LeanGourmet, or connect with me on my  facebook   page. Talk to you soon!

Zip Zing Wow Chicken Salad

2 cooked cubed chicken breasts
1 TBS of dried parsley
1/4 tsp of sea salt
1/8 tsp of ground pepper
1/4 cup of finely diced onion
1/4 cup of finely diced celery
2/3 cup of plain lowfat yogurt (use more of if chicken is dry)
2 TBS of Saco Cultured Buttermilk Blend, 16-Ounce Canister (Pack of 3)
In a large mixing bowl toss together everything except the yogurt. Once well combined then stir in yogurt. I love this on Orgran Toasted Rice Crispbread, 4.4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) or the buckwheat crispbread . It is delicious and gluten free and only 44 calories and 9 grams of carb in 2 pieces of crispbread.

Read With Me!
I've been reading "Sugar Nation" by Jeff O'Connell. At the pharmacy this past week I've taken more time to realize how many of my patients have diabetes. There are 2 types of diabetes Type I and Type II; creative right?! Sugar Nation focuses on Type II. Type II is most commonly caused by obesity and physical inactivity. This is a scary thought to me; that such a disease could in MANY ,not all, cases be preventable. Type II is 95% of the cases of diabetes. (WOW! )Type II diabetics have a problem with how the hormone, insulin, functions. Insulin is the hormone made by the pancreas that helps transport glucose (sugar) broken down from the food you eat  that is in the bloodstream into the cells. Insulin enables your body to process or store the glucose or sugar. In Type II diabetics insulin is not used properly by the body or the pancreas does not produce a sufficient amount of insulin for the body's needs. Type I diabetics lose the ability to make any insulin at all that is why they need to give themselves insulin injections.  That is your biology lesson for today folks!

Workout Blip of the Day

I've neglected this section in recent posts due to well not working out. I did get back into workout mode on Monday this week, but have slowly been building up the intensity after last week's bout of illness. Today I did a 30 minutes step mill workout and worked my triceps and chest. My favorite exercise today was 1 legged pushups. I really felt this work my legs and my chest!
Here's a cute video of how to do this exercise:

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Until next time stay strong and carry on!

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