Thursday, November 22, 2012

Greetings from the Frigid North!

Outside my childhood home in Pennsylvania

Greetings from Pennsylvania! My family and I traveled to my family's home town for Thanksgiving this year.

Isabella was so good on the flight! We packed toys and snacks. Thankfully we had a direct flight which makes traveling with little ones much easier:)

It has been 10 years since I have celebrated this holiday with my side of the family. I am being diligent with eating gluten free and working out these past two days we have been here. Usually I think about working out while visiting my family. This year I planned ahead and prepared. I had my trainer, Kyra the Get In Shape Girl, send me workouts I could do without equipment and I also packed my running shoes. I wasn't planning on jogging outside since it is so cold where we are in the north. I am now a full pledged Florida girl and can't stand being cold!

Yesterday the weather was perfect. So I decided to go for a jog outside. I put on long jogging pants, a long sleeved shirt, my black zip up workout jacket, fleece jacket,mittens, and ear warmer. I was warm and toasty for my jog.

 My parent's golden doodle, Ellie, was my running buddy for my workout.

We jogged for 30 minutes and did some hill sprints too.  My favorite part about this jog was running through the leaves and hearing them crunch beneath my feet.

The air was cold and crisp and it felt as if my lungs would burst.
So many memories came flooding through my mind as I jogged around my childhood neighboorhood my heart full of gratitude that I am able to spend this week with my family.

During my run I remembered the dream I had three years ago about running at home in the fall.I blogged about it in my post for pumpkin pie cups. I said a silent prayer thanking the heavens for this opportunity to run where I love filling me with so much joy.
I finished my workout with walking incline lunges on my parent's steep drive way.

 I rounded out my workout with a core workout.
  1. Bicycle crunches -30 reps pause every 5th crunch
  2. v-ups 20 reps
  3. boat pose held for 30 seconds
  4. supermans- 10 pulses hold last one for 10 seconds
  5. penguins 20 reps each side
  6. side plank top arm threads 10 each side
  7. scissor kicks lying on stomach for 30 seconds
  8. crunch elbow to opposite knee 10 each side
  9. reverse crunches-15 reps
  10. flutter kicks lying on back for 30 seconds
  11. v-ups on a diagnol 10 reps each side
  12. crunches 20 reps
  13. Toe touches with legs straight in air for 30 seconds
Stay strong and carry on,


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  1. That hill with your shadows on it is MUCH steeper and longer than that photo gives it credit...done hill sprints on it many a time.