Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gluten Free Cherry Tomato Meatballs & Comfort Foods & Tailgate Treats Review

Today I am bringing you a new recipe from my trainer, Kyra's cookbook. Her new e-book cookbook, Comfort Foods & Tailgate Treats, was released earlier this fall. As you know this blog is primarily devoted to gluten free whole foods. This cookbook is not a gluten free cookbook, but many of the recipes can be adapted to be gluten free or are already gluten free. The cookbook has several comfort food dishes that Kyra has revamped to be more wholesome and nutritious. I tested out one of the recipes for this review for my daughter's birthday this weekend. Sadly, there wasn't a single meatball left! They were delicious with several good reviews at the party. I am posting this recipe with Kyra's permission. The only thing I changed in this recipe was the whole wheat breadcrumbs to a gluten free version. Before I reveal today's recipe here is a note from Kyra about her new cookbook.

Hey there,
Do you ever feel like every weekend you let go a little and you have to start back at square one every Monday morning?

The weekends are your time to let go and have some fun, and it's not like that stops at the kitchen.  A lot of meals during the week can be routine, dull and downright boring.  Constantly being on the go and you gotta pack something that will keep you full, not necessarily thinking about having a food-gasm at every snack.  

But on the weekends all that changes.  You have extra time and a lot of it is spent chillin' with friends in social situations or cuddled up on the couch.  So what do you do?   Your blow your diet.  One slice of pizza turns into another.. which turns into brownies and then you know what happens... Monday morning comes around and your stomach is so bloated you’re tying to find the baggiest of hoodies to cover up your belly.  I’ve been there and I HATE THAT.  

That is why I created Comfort Foods and Tailgate Treats.  Now that I’m not eating for a competition, I’m eating for real life... a life that I prefer to live with a flat stomach.  I've gotten really creative in the kitchen to create foods that make my taste buds happy but foods that are still healthy so I don't have to suffer the consequences on Monday.   I'm eating things like pulled pork, chocolate chip cookies, jambalaya and even egg fried rice.  

All of these recipes are bundled up in a cookbook of love just for you!  These 40 recipes are super healthy and super delicious so you can have your naughty weekend foods without having to suffer the consequence of your fat pants on Mondays.. or any day!

Get the cookbook today and stop covering up your belly!!

P.S. I know you are going to love these recipes so much.. You're gonna be sad you didn't get the cookbook sooner. 

Now onto the recipe!

Gluten Free Cherry Tomato Meatballs

1  pound lean ground  turkey  breast
20-30  cherry  tomatoes
2  egg  whites
3/4  cup  gluten free  bread  crumbs 
1/2  cup  skim  milk
1  cup  chopped  onion
1/2  teaspoon sea salt
Dash  of  pepper
1/2  teaspoon  of dried oregano
1  tablespoon of dried parsley

Preheat oven to 375  degrees. Line a rimmed baking tray with parchment paper. In  a  bowl,  combine  egg  whites,  bread  crumbs,  milk,  onion,  salt,  oregano,  pepper,  and  parsley.  Add  mixture  to  the  ground  turkey.  Mix  well.  Shape  1 rounded tablespoonful of  turkey  mixture  evenly  around  each  tomato,  so  that  the  tomato  sits  inside  the  meatball.  Bake for 30  minutes or until browned and cooked through. Remove from oven and cool. Insert a toothpick into each meatball for serving.

* Note: I placed half of the tomatoes in a small bowl and had my husband ( with clean hands) add more tomatoes to the bowl when I used up what I had to avoid cross contamination. Any tomatoes that are unused that your hands have come in contact with while making meatballs must be thrown away or properly cooked before consuming to avoid food poisoning.

* The original recipe called for 12 cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes I purchased were small and I ended up with 32 meatballs from this recipe.

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