Wednesday, November 7, 2012

3 Things that I Have Changed for the Better

I am sitting here on Tuesday evening as I write this. Looking at election results as they poor in during the early evening hours, trying to read class materials for my health coach certification, reading emails, and wasting time on Facebook.  I feel like I am back in college. Docilely passing time on pointless things all the while procrastinating on what I should be doing.  I opened this email from the Wellness Warrior on her post on the 3 things that changed her life. So it got me thinking. What 3 changes have I made to my life on this health journey that has made all the difference for me? Well let me tell you.

Healthy Substitutions
1.  Eating Real Stuff- I started eating clean, whole, unprocessed food three years ago. I cut out all the junk. I wrote about it in this post "This is how I eat." This has helped stabilize my weight, increased my energy, and improved my workout endurance.

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2. Sticking with Fitness- My fitness routine has evolved over the last 12 years. I was first consistently active when I joined the varsity swim team in high school and then continued to workout throughout college, but I was never consistent. I was a cardio queen treadmill bunny. I laugh when I think about curling 5 or 8 lbs weights for bicep curls and not pushing myself to lift heavier. Three years ago I buckled down and got serious about my fitness and health. Do I work out every day with a big dopey smile on my face. Nope. In fact I've been going through a workout valley lately. I have been going through the motions with my workouts and not finding a lot of joy in them. I have been working out only to  stay active. I have struggled with writing down and sticking to fitness goals these last two months. Two years ago I took up spin. I LOVED it! I did spin 2-4 times per week on top of running and weight training. Then I got burnt out and took a nose dive. I haven't been to a spin class in months. I am not a big group exercise fan. I am not coordinated for step and would feel like a fool in a zumba class. It is just not me. I like the solidarity of training alone. To be left alone with my thoughts. My training time is a big chunk of my "me" time. Despite the ups and downs I have not abandoned a set fitness routine over the past three years taking only a week or two off here and there for travel or illness.

                                                                  Source: via Brooklynn on Pinterest


3. Putting my scale under my bed- We moved into our home the summer of 2011. The bathroom scale moved too. It now takes up residence under my bed. I haven't weighed myself since July. There was a time I weighed myself daily. I decided not to let my day's attitude be inspired by a digital number. Now I take measurements with a cloth tape measure and use my clothes as a guide. I also have been focusing more on how I feel and my physical strength. I get so much more satisfaction out of being able to do unassisted pull-ups and full push-ups on one leg then any number on a scale.

What three changes have you made in your life that have improved you health and well being? 

Stay strong and carry on,


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