Friday, November 23, 2012

Girl Unsatisfied: How I tackle Eating

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It was my weekend to work at the pharmacy. I came home from work tired; too tired to cook. The husband hadn't prepared dinner either. I didn't have the steam to make a traditional dinner. I gave into exhaustion and I made some protein pancakes and lean turkey bacon. I ate and finished my meal. I was totally unsatisfied. I rarely feel this way anymore. Usually after a meal I am full and content. I wasn't  hungry after dinner, but I had this empty annoying feeling in my gut.

Food and mealtime have always been a big part of my day. I love to cook and bake, but what I really love is to eat. I try to take time to enjoy eating what I have prepared, bought, or ordered. I do my best to focus on the meal and the company.

The one reason why I don't meal plan consistently is that I have a spontaneous appetite. If I get a craving or an  idea for a meal I have to make it.  On rare occasions like this particular evening where I  toss in the towel; I prepare something nourishing and eat just for the sake of feeding myself. I do my best to limit these experiences. These instances are rare and I have a few tricks I use to keep my mealtimes enjoyable and satisfying.

Here are my top tips for enjoying meals and feeling satisfied:

1. Understand  hunger signals and being satisfied cues.

2. Practice mindful eating

3. Eating food I enjoy

4. Eating consistently every 3-4 hours or about 5-6 small meals a day

I hope this gave you some food for thought.

Stay strong and carry on,


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