Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Traveling. Will Workout.

This will be my last post about our travels over Thanksgiving weekend, but one I am excited about sharing. You see I don't workout when I travel. I don't workout in the cold either!

I had my trainer, Kyra the Get In Shape Girl, send me some workouts I could do easily indoors at my parents home without equipment.

We were in Pennsylvania for a total of 6 days with 4 of them being full days. I worked out three times while we were up North; that is 3 of the 4 full days we weren't traveling.  That is an accomplishment for me!

Read on for the workouts I did while away on travel.

Workout 1- I  wrote about in my Thanksgiving Day post.  I did this workout the day before Thanksgiving.
Beautiful warm fall day for workout 1

Workout 2- I shared this fast and effective tabata workout I did on Thanksgiving Day on my facebook page.

Workout 3- I jogged outside again and did the core workout from workout 1
I love my Garmin Forerunner with GPS!
 The day I did workout 3 the sun was not shinning and the sky was dreary. Typical for western Pennsylvania winters. The temperature had dropped significantly. I jogged without my parent's dog, Elle and focused on my own thoughts and musings.

Our last full day in Pennsylvania I was going to run again, BUT.......

 I woke up to snow.(Did you see the beautiful weather in the picture for workout 1?!) I did not have the lululemon gear to get me through a freezing temp run.
Stay strong & carry on,



  1. Thanks for the workout! Finished in 23:45. Lots of room for improvement.

  2. Replies
    1. I have been lacking motivation lately, but Thanksgiving got me back on track. It sucks to see what taking time off does to your performance level.