Monday, November 19, 2012

November rant & A quick 21 Minute Tabata Workout

 Ok. Time to fess up. Blogging lately has been little to none. Not to make excuses, but I am one busy gal!  Here are a few thoughts I've been having this past week:

  • I am tired of jumping onto the "I have to lose weight" band wagon- I've been on a weight loss path or dieting for what feels like my entire life. Guess what?I am in a place physically that I don't need to lose anymore weight. I can just be. I've had to work so hard to get here. Now that is a reality check. I am healthy and fit and I'm learning to find balance in this and appreciate just being. Besides my old way of doing things and taking measures that I thought would make me fit were exhausting and unbalanced.
This is my "I'm bringing it" workout face
  • I take more pleasure in exercising for wellness and health than aesthetics- This goes along with bullet #1. This coming year I will be focusing more on building strength and muscle.
  • I like taking leisurely walks with my dog, Roxy. Last week I ditched two cardio sessions and leashed up Roxy and we went for a walk around the lake. It was so peaceful and calm. It gave my mind a chance to unwind and process all that's been going on in "that pretty little head of mine;" as my husband calls it.

  • I need a wellness vision of my own- Part of health coaching is helping a client or patient establish a wellness vision. A wellness vision is a compelling statement of who you are and what health-promoting, life-giving behaviors, you want to do consistently. If I am going to coach others to have a vision. I first need to write out my own. 
  • I need to start writing out attainable goals for 2013- I think I have already have two mentioned in this post see bullets #2 & #4.

  • This blog is a cook-book that I want to read like a story- This point follows the argument discussion I had with my husband this past week that went something like this:
        Me- " I love so and so's blog; bah why can't mine be as funny or pretty or blah blah    blah..."

       Rich- "You have a cookbook on your blog. You should tell more stories. That is why people read blogs; they love hearing stories."

Me- " But, I don't want to take snap shots of what I eat all day, my outfits, and toot my own horn like so and so's blog; its so narcissistic."

An Outfit picture. I am no fashionista, but I try out trends.
Rich- " Why do you think Twitter is so popular? Who cares what Kourtney Kardashian had for breakfast? She takes a picture of her morning Wheaties and tweets it; and people read it."
       Me-" Ok, I'll tell more stories."

My gluten free breakfast from FirstWatch Cafe

A Workout for Today

Here is a 21 minute tabata workout from my trainer Kyra that I did last week followed by a leisurely 20 minute walk with Roxy.

You will do a total of 48 rounds performing each exercise a total of six times. You will do each exercise for 20 sec then rest 10 sec rest. After the 10 sec rest do 20 sec of the next exercise listed for a total of 6 circuits.

  1.  jumping jacks
  2. high plank, knees to elbows
  3.  prisoner squats
  4.  skate hops
  5. knees to opposite elbows
  6. alternating step ups
  7.  incline push ups
  8. mountain climbers

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