Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today's Training

Here is a short post on the training I did this morning under 20 minutes! It took me 19:27.84 minutes. It is a great full body pylo workout designed by my trainer Kyra. Enjoy sweating it out! Can you beat me?

Warm Up Stretch
Perform Circuit Three Times.  Do not rest until you get through the entire circuit once.
Stability Ball push up, tuck x 12
Skate Hops x 10 each way
Prisoner squats x 20
Wall sit, two-arm hammer curl x 10
Plyo Lunges x 10
Close grip push ups x 10
Bicycle crunches x 40
Side plank dips x 10 each
Lateral bear crawls x 10 each direction

High plank, knees to elbows x 10 each

Walking plank x 10

Burpee to tuck jump x 10



  1. Just pinned this! Can't wait to do it!

  2. It is a great workout! Let me know your time it takes you to complete all 3 circuits:)