Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Lean Gourmet Eats Out at Seasons 52

Seasons 52 Palm Beach Gardens, FL picture by Brooklynn

My dear friend Kim introduced me to Seasons 52 about 5 years ago. I remember her saying
"we have to check out this restaurant it's healthy and you'll love it!" That was way before gluten free and clean eating entered the picture of my life's journey. I will say I am pleasantly surprised that despite my high maintenance diet Seasons 52 is a safe and fantastic place for me to dine. So I decided to take my camera, my best friend, and have a girls date night dinner to give you all a little review of one of my favorite restaurants in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

Before I give you a  visual montage of my tasty dinning experience let me highlight why I love this restaurant so much.

  1.  A knowledgeable wait staff attune to the needs of those that can not eat gluten. My server for this particular visit knew exactly what items I could not enjoy off the menu due to containing gluten and made sure my meal was properly prepared. The restaurant was serving a tomato bisque (which I love!),but she mentioned that the thickening agent for the soup contained gluten. Instead I had the organic spinach salad with seasonal fruit; delish! The desserts are served as " mini indulgences"  presented beautifully in small shot glasses. Only the fruit mini indulgence is on the gluten free menu, however my server made an excellent recommendation of pairing the chocolate and peanut butter mousse without the cake as a gluten free option. It was sensational!
  2. A fresh seasonal menu and an International wine list. Unlike many chains Seasons 52 has a rotating seasonal menu serving up unique and visually stunning dishes.  The wine list is extensive and upon a recommendation from a server  at a previous visit I found a new favorite wine, Jam Jar Shiraz.
  3. A warm inviting dinning experience. Whether you are dinning on the patio, at the piano bar, or in the heart of dinning area you can sense the warm ambiance of this place.  It is truly a beautiful relaxing dinning venue.
The Best Friend picture by Brooklynn
Organic Baby Spinach Salad Picture by Brooklynn

The Rainbow Trout picture by Brooklynn

Yours Truly picture by Kim
The Big Finish, Peanut butter & Chocolate Mousse Indulgence picture by Brooklynn

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