Friday, July 6, 2012

Lean Pork & Beans

One of my favorite food magazines to read is Clean Eating. The July 2012 issue had a recipe for Slow-Cooker Pork'n'Beans. I used that recipe as a guide and created my own Lean Pork and Beans crock-pot recipe. Which was perfect for today because Rich and I both had early long days at work. This recipe is a piggy-back ( no pun intended) recipe which is a recipe that builds upon another. In this case it was the Mango BBQ sauce from a previous post.

Lean Pork & Beans

1/2 lb dry pinto beans that have been soaked and cooked
1 lb pork tenderloin with fat removed and cut into 1/2" cubes
1 cup of my Mango BBQ sauce
1 Green bell pepper chopped
1 onion chopped
2 cups of water
24 oz of strained tomatoes ( I use Flora Fine Foods or Pomi Italian Strained Tomatoes)
1 tsp of sea salt
pepper to taste

You will need to prepare the beans a day or two in advance. Soak beans fully covered in water plus a couple of inches over night in a large bowl. Drain and rinse. Crock pot beans in crock pot on low 6-8 hours or until soft. Drain. Now they're ready to use. I usually make a large batch and freeze my beans in portions for recipes to use later. I do this with all my beans and it is cheaper, there is less sodium than canned and no BPA to worry about.

Add all ingredients to crock-pot and give it a good stir to combine. You want enough liquid to make it stew like, but not soupy! Crock on low for 8 hours until pork is fully cooked. Top with dried cilantro and your favorite cheese if desired.

Today's Workout Blip:

If you've been reading along the last few weeks you know I've been talking about my workout plan the Get in Shape Girl Bikini Plan. You also know that I've been avoiding choosing not to do my stepmill workout. If the truth must be told ( and it must!) I am afraid of heights and have a horrible fear that I will trip, fall off, or otherwise cause bodily harm to myself on this monster machine. So oddly enough as I laced up my trainers today the theme song for the 2001 Space Odyssey started playing in my head all the way to the gym and I had an epiphany. I would  conquer this workout. So I did. All 30 sweaty miserable minutes of it!

And incase you don't know what that theme song is here it is.

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