Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Dine Out GFree

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Going out to eat while on a strict gluten free diet can be limiting. I did a review a while back of my gluten free dining experience at Seasons 52 you can read that review here. I did a review of Bonefish Grill this past week here. It is one of my favorite places to eat and I have never been "glutened" there. Since my gluten sensitivity diagnosis I've had a handful of great experiences and some horrendous incidents while dinning out. There was a restaurant Rich and I went to on a double date that had a gluten free menu. When I asked the server for the gluten free menu she asked me "What's gluten. You mean like milk?" Yes. I did get glutened there, but the company was great!  I had an email from a reader recently that is visiting the Florida Keys about eating out while following a gluten free diet. This is what I recommended to this reader:

  • Look at websites of the restaurant you will be going to and/or call ahead before you dine out to see if they have a gluten free menu or can prepare gluten free food.
  • There's an App for That! I use a couple of Apps on my iPhone to find gluten free restaurants. They are Gluten Freed, Gluten Free Registry, GlutenFree, and OpenTable.
  •  Let the hostess and  server know you need your food to be gluten free and prepared to avoid cross contamination. Sometimes I even speak with the manager ahead of time about my dietary needs.
  •  If the manager or server asks "what is gluten?" graciously leave. Though I am a strong advocate of education this would not be the time.
  • Thank your server and the manager for the  great service and tip generously.
For more information about eating gluten free at parties or social engagements see this post here.

If you have any tips to share or advice while eating out and following a gluten free diet leave them in the comments below.

Stay strong & carry on,

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