Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Belong Here

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It all started in Mr. Liperillo's gym class in elementary school. He was the picture of the quintessential gym teacher. Every day he wore tight windbreaker pants with a tucked in polo shirt neatly pressed. His accessories included his glasses from the 1980s ( this was back in the early to mid 90s), a black sports watch,a curly short hair cut from the 70s, a matching neatly trimmed mustache, and full beard. I hated his gym class. We always started out the weekly gym class by running laps around the gym which was also the cafeteria. It would then be followed by pylometrics and then a different game or sport every week. Some times it was basketball, volleyball, or indoor hockey. I hated gym class; yes I know I already said that. I hated it because I was uncoordinated, taller than most girls in my class, and insecure in my physical competitiveness. Plus I hated getting sweaty in the middle of the school day.
Flash forward 20 years later I am a gym go-er fitness enthusiast. I get cranky if I don't work out on a regular basis. Until this morning. My workout planned by my trainer Kyra, The Get in Shape Girl,reminded me of those early gym class days. I even had to workout in the basketball court this morning to have enough space to perform the exercises.
Dreaded basketball court

Most of my pylometric full body cardio workouts put together by my trainer hearken to boot-camp class type workouts. You normally don't find a gal doing a workout like this by herself. I admit I feel awkward working out by myself this way sometimes.
I got up early and had my apple pie smoothie on the way to the gym. Grabbed the necessary equipment I needed and started my workout. All I needed was a set of dumbbells,  a step up bench, a yoga mat, and a timer (iphone.)

 Last night I thought there is no way I can do this workout. When I stepped in the basketball court I felt nausea sweep over me. I could hear Mr. Liperillo screaming, "come on Brooklynn lets go!" 

As I started my workout with the burpee+pushup+forward leap combo I actually liked it. I felt strong. I suddenly didn't care who would walk into the basketball court and see me doing my thing. I realized I belong here. I am no longer that shy, insecure, awkward elementary school kid. I am an athlete in my own right. I can push my limits. I can sweat. I can challenge myself. I am not my past. I am writing a new story.

So you dear friend. Do you belong here? Wherever that place is or can be. You must answer your own question. I believe you do. 

For a little visual inspiration check out my search result on Pinterest for "where I belong"

Below is my workout from today and also the hill interval treadmill workout I did after.  Leave me a comment below if you complete this workout about how long you held your planks and wall sits to failure. I held my planks in order of rounds for 90seconds/90s/95s and my wall sits for 90s/100s/90s.

Stay strong and carry on,

Pylo-Full Body Workout

warm up/ stretch
Three rounds (do not rest until 1 full round is complete):
Burpee with push up to broad jump x 4
Backpeddle to beginning
Burpee with push up to broad jump x 4
Backpeddle to beginning
Burpee with push up to broad jump x 4
Backpeddle to beginning
Alternating  step up with knee drive x 10 each leg
High side plank, top arm threads x 10 each side
Jack knife crunch x 15
High knees x 30 seconds
Jumping jacks x 30 seconds
tuck jumps x 30 seconds
Side shuffles x 30 seconds
Low plank to failure (on each round try to stay within 10 seconds of the previous round)
Wall sit to failure  (on each round try to stay within 10 seconds of the previous round)
My Results from workout

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  1. It's only a matter of time until you have an entourage trying to workout with you too! They see this super fit chick doing "out of the box" workouts and they are gonna want to join in the fun!