Monday, October 29, 2012

Berry Kefir Smoothie

One of the things I loved about college was my roommates. Unlike some people, I never had a nightmare roommate experience. I ended up dorming with some pretty awesome, inspiring, level headed ladies those four years of college.  I only lived by myself in grad school while I was working on my Doctorate of Pharmacy. I lived with Julie my junior year of undergrad. Julie was a senior, an accounting/finance major, meticulous, and still is one of the best people I know.  Julie was awarded for being the "Outstanding Graduate" for her major the year she graduated. We were very different in many ways. She stayed up late and I was in bed by 10 pm. She is a vegetarian. I love meat. She is super organized and on top of her game. I was a huge procrastinator in undergrad (it is still an area I am working on.) Our desks were next to each other in the living room of our apartment; I wish I had a picture of her desk versus mine. It would get my point across no words needed. 

Julie once challenged me to go vegetarian for a week; that lasted 3 days. One of the foods I remember this gal enjoying was kefir. It first repulsed me. It is literally a watered down yogurt drink. Over the years I have taken a liking to this creamy concoction full of good for you bacteria. There is even a kefir frozen yogurt available in the freezer section of my grocer and it is my favorite frozen treat! Today's recipe is a kefir based smoothie. I like this as a quick breakfast or midday snack.

Berry Kefir Smoothie

1 cup of plain kefir
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
1/3 cup of frozen mixed berries

Add ingredients to Blendtec EZ Blender or blender and process until smooth. Serves 1.

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