Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Skinny Mint Recovery Shake

I feel so deeply guilty dodging those cute little girl scouts guarding the entrance of my place of employment these last few weeks. I just want to say "I can't eat your poisonous cookies, but here's a $20 for your trouble." Even if I was not gluten sensitive I would stir clear of these health demoting time bombs.Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients in those things?! Before you get all up in arms about my anti-girl scout COOKIE antics.Know that I am pro-girl scout (go girl power!) There is more to the cookie program than just making money for camping trips. The cookie campaign teaches life skills to these young ladies. That is awesome and I applaud their mission I'm just not buying any darn cookies.

I used to be obsessed with enjoy thin mints. One of my best childhood friends, Erica, was a girl scout and got me hooked on samoas.

 I decided to whip up a minty chocolate recovery shake for my brutal workout today; the workout that I made me go into beast mode.

Skinny Mint Recovery Shake

1 cup of cashew milk or other preferred milk
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
2 TBS of raw cacao powder or coco powder (unsweetened)
3 drops of liquid stevia
2 fresh mint leaves or 1/8 tsp of mint extract
1/2 cup of ice

Place all ingredients into blender and blend till smooth. Serves 1.

I love the Real Sustenance blog there is a great collection of gluten free girl scout cookie knock-offs. Enjoy!
1) Samoas:
2) Thin Mints:
3) Shortbread:

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