Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fig & Fauna Farm

My family and I are back from an incredible place. We spent the morning touring the Martin Family's  Fig & Fauna Farm located thirty minutes from our home in South Florida. The farm is located in a rural area  of Jupiter, Florida. I am a bit dismayed that I was not able to capture the visit with my Nikon, the camera I use to shoot all my recipes, as the battery has been a miss all week.
I did manage to take some photos with my iphone. Let me share them with you. This video is from the "about" page of Fig & Fauna blog. It truly gives you the experience of what it is like to be in this naturally beautiful place.

Isabella was really impressed with the free-range chickens and their coop. Visitors we able to walk into the gated area for the chickens which also homes two goats. The goats and chickens  live together  and the goats help keep wild foxes away from the chickens. 

 The garden, modeled after the gardens in Old Salem, were my favorite part of the farm. The garden is lush and full, brimming with vegetables, edible roots, and greens. Rich and I recently started a garden behind our house; it pales in comparison to the Martin's garden. All of the seeds used for the garden are Baker Creek heirloom seeds; some dating back to Thomas Jefferson's time

 The trip to the farm enabled me to connect with nature. I admire this family for their  sustainable farming and their passion for this lifestyle. I was equally inspired and intimidated. Perhaps I'll start composting, plant a few more greens in my garden, and take more time to be outside in the fresh air.

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