Friday, December 21, 2012

Cookie Fail & Thumb Prints

I had full intentions of making these beautiful chocolate cookies that I pinned on Pinterest. Isabella and I had picked out cookie cutter shapes of a beautiful reindeer and Christmas treeVisions of sugar plums and beautiful pipped royal icing danced in my head; a short lived dream. It was an epic fail learning experience. 


 I followed the directions, measured everything perfectly, and I even used unbleached parchment paper as directed. My dough was too soft even after putting it in the freezer for 10 minutes. When I tried to maneuver the cutout dough onto the cookie sheet all was lost. I managed to get one Christmas tree cut out to survive its journey to the wretched cookie sheet. The poor thing looks as if it was clawed to death by a wild bob cat. My poor wild bob cat mauled Christmas tree cookie.  

Did I mention I also burnt a major part of dinner prior to my baking expose. My evening was anything, but the picture of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. 

 This is my second Christmas post gluten sensitivity diagnosis. I only baked two cookies for Christmas last year and this recipe was my first attempt for baking this year. I feel totally out of my element. I don't know how to work with gluten free cookie dough. It is beyond me and I hate it.
This may seem a bit trifle to you dear reader, but all the women in my family are bakers. They  congregate in my grandmother's kitchen weeks before Christmas and bake up a storm. It snows powdered sugar in that kitchen! My family lives in Pennsylvania and I in Florida, but I so desperately want my daughter to grow up with a Christmas cookie tradition.

I knew going into baking cookies with a toddler this would be thrilling. However, I entered this experience expecting my daughter, not the dough, to be my greatest challenge.  I resolved to just enjoy spending time with Isabella showing her how to whisk the ingredients, tap the whisk on the side of the bowl to remove excess flour, and the pure joy of making a Christmas memory with her. Rather than tossing in the towel and bowing to frustration Bell & I  made thumb print cookies filled with some homemade strawberry jam I made last winter. They are delicious!

How is your Christmas baking going? I would love to know!

Stay strong and carry on,


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